Community Benefits

Community Benefits

The foundation of the BFS project is the concept of “Atlantic City First.” In addition to the significant financial benefits the project would provide to the City, the project would also provide substantial additional benefits to City residents. The BFS project will give employment priority to Atlantic City residents, work to ensure Atlantic City youth get maximum benefits from the project, and that included in the facility are community facilities and programs, including a community center available to seniors.

To this end, prior to submitting this proposal, the BFS team has been actively engaging local officials and stakeholders in the project. BFS has already met with numerous parties, including representatives from the following organizations:

  • Atlantic City Mayor’s Office
  • City Council Planning and Development Committee
  • Casino Reinvestment Development Authority 
  • Meet AC
  • Atlantic City Sports Commission (see letter from Mr. Jim Wood – below)
  • Atlantic City Police Athletic League
  • Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club

Significantly, the Atlantic City Sports Commission, the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, and the Atlantic City Police Athletic League have endorsed the BFS project. Moreover, BFS intends to partner with each of those entities as part of its “Atlantic City First” initiative.

The BFS team is committed to ensuring that the final project is developed in close consultation with the City and in consideration of comments received from the public.  BFS is already taking public comment at  email address.  Moreover, the project operations center is currently located in Atlantic City and is ready and willing to respond to the City's award of the project.

Involvement & Growth

The BFS Complex will create a vibrant business cluster through job and revenue creation that will drive local economic growth. The complex will attract visitors from around the world who will boost tourism, which in turn will help our neighboring small businesses.  Prestigious global investors and corporations will have yet another compelling reason to visit our county and consider it as a site for vacation or expansion.

Having coaches and players from all over the country and even from around the world visit Atlantic City, will significantly enrich the fabric of the local community.  The new complex will become an exciting visitor destination for participants and families to watch the sports action, as well as explore the nearby attractions and all that Atlantic City has to offer.

A Commitment to Atlantic City Youth and Recreation – “AC First Initiative”

One of the most important aspects of this project is the cultivation the youth of Atlantic City.  By providing first-rate fields and training facilities, this project can, and will, help train and cultivate local talent. BFS has retained talented coaches and mentors, providing local and out-of-state youth with an unparalleled opportunity and advantage to excel in sports.

Part of BFS mission is to grow local talented youth players through training and mentoring in an attempt to further their education and development through sports. The BFS team is committed to developing local talent and assisting in placing those young players who have the capability to go to the next level in college programs or even the professional ranks.

In addition to providing first class instruction to the youth of Atlantic City, the staff of BFS will also establish a “Coaches Academy” for various sports where community members who want to be involved with coaching the youth of Atlantic City will have an opportunity to learn the best techniques and skills from some of the best coaches in the game at the highest level.  If BFS teaches coaches “how to teach and how to coach”, we believe it can have a profound impact at the very youngest of levels that will carry on as the youth of Atlantic City develop into young responsible adults.  BFS will run the “Coaches Academy” courses several times per year.