Economic Impact


Case Study:

Traverse City, Michigan.   This study “GAME ON! - The Impact of Youth Sorts on a Regional Economy”  found that nearly 70% of children (age 6-17) in the United States are playing at least one team sport.  This study  researched the impact of two youth tournaments on the regional economy of the Traverse City area.  Research found that the two tournaments combined to bring 15,900 people-youth athletes and their families- to the Traverse City area.  Over all the two tournaments contributed to $3.4 million in direct spending within the region for 1 weekend.  Tournament participants take up more than 2,000 hotel rooms per night and frequent nearly 100 restaurants and dozens of retail stores.

According to the Journal of Global Business Management:

“Youth and amateur sports tournaments are fairly low-investment opportunities that small communities can explore, with large returns for the resources that are already present.” 

To support this, attendees at a recent meeting of the National Association of Sports Commissions quoted returns on investment (ROI) as high as 50-1.  The total direct spending by non-locals during the two tournaments was $3.4 million.  56% of visitors participated in the tournament for the first time.  Of those, 28% were also first time visitors to Traverse City.  Looking into the specific actions taken by past attendees of the tournament, it was found that 74.2 % recommended the area to family and friends; 58.6% returned for an overnight visit/vacation; and 18.5% considered purchasing a second home or cottage in the area.